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Furniture and Accessories

  • Mannequin Podium

    STM Box podium stand for Mannequins customised to match your Shopping Centre or Brand.
  • Retractable Aisle Stand

    Shop the Mall retractable aisle stand
  • Snap Lock Frames

    Snap Lock Frames
  • Shopping Centre Bin

    Shop the Mall shopping centre bin
  • Vogue Stool

    Shop the Mall Vogue stool, furniture for hire

At Shop the Mall, we offer a wide range of accessories to assist with the presentation and promotion of products in your centre. All our furniture and accessories can be custom-matched to compliment your existing Shopping Centre decor and promotions and can be coordinated with other Shop the Mall products such as poster and brochure stands, a compeition barrel or entry box, a pop up banner and a promotional counter or table.

  • Mannequin stands
  • Carpet tiles and flooring
  • Balloon Trees
  • Chairs & Stools
  • Aisle Stands
  • Pop up Banners and much more..

If you require a specialised accessory, don’t hesitate to contact our team today so that we can assist your needs.

Enquire Now or CALL US: 02 9972 1748

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