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Retail Gondola Units

  • Custom Freightline Gondola Unit

    Shop the Mall Custom Freightline Gondola Unit
  • Customised Retail Gondola

    Shop the Mall Customised Retail Gondola
  • Customised Retail Gondola 2

    Shop the Mall Customised Retail Gondola 2
  • Customised Retail Gondola 3

    Shop the Mall Customised Retail Gondola 3
  • Customised Retail Gondola 4

    Shop the Mall Customised Retail Gondolas 4

Gondola Units are the perfect portable display unit to present products on four-sides, attracting customers with a 360 degree view. Slat panel walls give you the freedom to shape the unit to your requirements. Add shelving to suit the height of your products or hang racks for clothing. For maximum impact position multiple Gondolas together.

Gondoal Units are customised to suit your retail needs with optional sizes, finishes, materials and display accessories. With your choice of finishes, the Gondolas complement the existing style and feel of the shopping centre or your shop.

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