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Multi-Purpose Merchandising Unit

  • Multi-purpose Merchandising Unit

    MP1 Mulit Purpose Merchandising Unit
  • Multi-purpose Merchandising Unit, with Cupboards

    MP1C Unit, with Cupboards
  • MP1A Tiered Units

    Shop the Mall MP1A Tiered Units
  • Multi Purpose Merchandising Unit

    Shop the Mall Multi purpose Merchandising Unit
  • Multi Purpose Unit

    Shop the Mall Multi purpose Unit
  • Multi purpose Unit with Showcase

    Shop the Mall Multi purpose Unit with Showcase
  • Wedding Cake Unit - Round

    This Unit is a tiered portable display stand with castors on the base for easy movement.
  • Wedding Cake Unit - Square

    WCUS - Wedding Cake Unit - Square

Shop the Mall Multi Purpose Merchandising Units are ideal for presenting merchandise in a variety ways. The slat wall lets you create your own shelving height as guided by your products and is also great for hooks and hang-rails. Units are available with or without a lockable cupboards at the base. Finish, size and styles are all customisable to compliment your products and branding and the retail environment. 

Contact our team today to see how we can create the perfect Multi-Purpose Merchandising display for you.

Enquire Now or CALL US: 02 9972 1748

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